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About Us

Ekunit is an online community of blood donors and receivers, developed by the students of Euro International School, Sikar under the guidance of Codevidhya .

Codevidhya runs a computer programming curriculum across the CBSE, ICSE and IB Schools to makes children aware of their social responsibility they give a project to the students related to the social cause and Ekunit is one such project given to the Euro International School Sikar.

Ekunit is an online community for blood donation. If you are in need of blood or you want to donate blood; this is the place. It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s free! You can sign up and help build a community that cares.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Ekunit all about?

Ekunit is an online community of blood donors and receivers.

I want to donate blood, what is the process?

You have to register yourself as a donor on Once there is a need of blood you will get notified. (Please go through the suggestions to find if you are eligible)

I don’t have an account, what to do?

You have to register yourself by filling up the necessary details correctly.

If anyone in my circle requires blood, how will Ekunit help?

If the receiver is an existing user then he/she can create a need through their account. If they don’t have an account then anyone else can create a need on the behalf of receiver. The eligible users in the community will be notified and you can contact the donor directly.

Does Ekunit charge for donating and receiving blood?

No, Ekunit is a Non-Profit Organization and we do not charge anything from anyone.

I don’t have a computer how can I access Ekunit?

Ekunit is fairly compatible on Smartphones and easy to use.

Sharing my mail ID and Phone number can lead to privacy risk.

The privacy of our users is our utmost priority. Your details will be shared only with the users whose requests are being accepted from your account.

I donated last week, can I donate tomorrow?

Sorry, you can donate only once in three months.

If I am an inactive user of Internet, how will I get notified if there is a need?

If there is a need of blood in your area which matches with yours then you will get a message with the details of the receiver via SMS on your registered number.

Will I get a certificate if I donate blood?

Currently we do not provide certificates but we are working towards organizing camps for blood donation and for the people who will donate blood in those camps will be given certificate.

Should I go to Ekunit if I want to donate blood?

No, you will be provided the details of the receivers and you can contact them directly for further discussions.


Share EkUnit, Save Lives

You can save a life daily! Nothing can be equivalent to saving a human life. The act of donating can save lives of others. Share Ekunit with your family, friends and among your network. Our mission at Ekunit is to bring a large community together on a common platform so as to help each other in need of emergencies. Because we understand the value of life. Share it and be a part of a community which stands by you for your help.