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How EkUnit Works

  • Ekunit is a mediating platform for the community of Blood Donors and Receivers.
  • Process:
    • Once you register yourself, you are in a position to donate or recieve blood.
    • Save a life or I need blood, in both the cases your request will be generated.
    • On the homepage a list of donors and receivers will be available, if you are a "Donor" you can can go through the "Receivers" and click on "Donate Now" option and if you are a "Recipient" then click on "Send Request" option from the list of "Donors".
    • Ekunit will send your request to the desired community with your contact details.
  • The person who gives blood to save a life.
  • Once you register as a donor you get notified if the need of blood of your group in your location arises.
  • By contacting the receiver you can save a life in need of emergency.
  • Note: Kindly read the suggestions.
  • The person who recieves the blood.
  • If there is a requirement of blood and you are a registered user of Ekunit then click on "I NEED BLOOD" option on the Home page and follow the process by filling up the required details.

Share EkUnit, Save Lives

You can save a life daily! Nothing can be equivalent to saving a human life. The act of donating can save lives of others. Share Ekunit with your family, friends and among your network. Our mission at Ekunit is to bring a large community together on a common platform so as to help each other in need of emergencies. Because we understand the value of life. Share it and be a part of a community which stands by you for your help.